Inspired by our christian faith, we respond to God’s call to love our neighbour and care for the needy by seeking to improve the socioeconomic well being of vulnerable and orphaned children, families and the whole community through primary health care and other community development initiatives. Karin Community Initiatives Uganda is registered with the National Bureau for Non-Governmental Organizations of Uganda with the registration Number INDR4476433NB and has been operating in Gulu District – Uganda since 2001.


The mission of KARIN Community Initiative Uganda (KCIU) is to transform lives and heal the community in a Christ-like way through provision of quality healthcare services


KCIU envisions a better future for all children in assisted communities with access to quality medical care, improved incomes and presentation of God as a caring and loving being who calls all people to a new life in his love and salvation.


  • Quality: An expression of our goal to offer reliable quality products and services.

  • Person-centered Approach: We work with individuals and communities to create plans to achieve optimal health and wellness, grounding our work in the social determinants of health.

  • Love for all: We activate, empower and encourage.

  • Reliable: We are worthy of trust and maintain our reputation to all stakeholders

  • Christ-centered: We believe Christ is the reason for all that we do and say.

  • Devotion to community: We are dedicated to transforming communities.

  • Transparency: We embody honest and open communication.

  • Integrity: We portray truthfulness and accuracy in our actions and accountability.

Organization Structure

Executive Director Office

Headed by the Executive Director, it oversees all organisational activities. It is responsible for the overall supervision of all the departments of the organization.

The Executive Director’s office, directly manages the Procurement, Internal Audit and Communication & Public Relations sections. The office of the executive director also manages the programs of (Child discipleship, Dairy farmers and micro- finance projects).

2. Finance and Administration Department

This section is responsible for financial planning and administration of the organisation by controlling the accounts, budget, purchasing and treasury of the organisation.
The department is headed by the Program Manager, it deals with three major sections of the organisation, namely;

  • Finance,
  • Human Resource Management and Training and
  • Administration

3. The Health Care Department

The Department is headed by the In-charges of each facility. The Karin Medical Centre (KMC) in the Unyama Parish, and the Agonga Karin Community Health Centre (AKCHC) in the Agonga Parish. As a general health facility our staff include midwives, nurses and Clinical Officers as well as laboratory staff, counsellors, dispensary and support staff. Because the clinic’s opening hours reflect the needs of the community – we are open 24 hours, every day – we use a shift system and so employ a total of two Clinical Officers and over 19 medical and support staff. Their training was initially through their professional bodies and the clinical schools around Uganda. Since inception our staff have benefitted from district and partner courses on safe injection methods, medical waste management, pharmacy and laboratory practices and record keeping for reporting.
Through the various implementing partners we have improved our internal systems and protocols of how we serve the clients. Our recognition that clinical health and public health are closely related but require their own styles of engagement has helped us expand our services and combine free-to-client awareness and screening sessions with fee-based treatment and care services.

The clinics have a detention ward with five bed each for admissions and can offer over-night care. We have both a generator and a solar panel in the Agonga clinic so we can offer safe care even when there is a power cut in the district. Our laboratories have 100x microscope, centrifuge and cooling for samples. Our clinical staff have the necessary equipment for diagnosis of patients and we have a broad range of instruments, electric sterilisation systems and single-use syringes. We have been graded as a health centre II.


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Annual Report 2014-15 Procurement
Strategic plan 2016-2021 HR
Audited Financial Statements Procurement
Constitution Administration


Our goal is to provide basic quality healthcare to our community. Eliminating disease is the best way to fight poverty


Helping the rural women become part of the formal economy and create jobs in rural areas where there is very little employment


Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfill their potential.


Sustainable livelihoods constitute a critical component within KCIU’s work on poverty alleviation and integrated development.

Annual Month of Giving

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As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.