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Jokkene Timothy Okee

Board Chairperson
Jokkene Timothy Okee is a seasoned business man. Jokkene is originally from Gulu. He is very passionate about Christ and as one of our first mentors and now serves as the Board Chairperson

providing strategic program leadership. His favorite part of the job is seeing programs changing the lives of affected people and transforming his own community. When he’s not in his businesses, Jokkene enjoys providing leadership in his community and in his free time he goes swimming.

Mrs Rufina Barigo

Board Member
Mrs Rufina Oloa Barigo, is a community development worker has been involved in administration for the committee members. She has worked with several organisations including UNICEF and ILO before this she worked with the Ministry of Labour and Gender. She now spends most of her time carrying our consultancies for the ILO agency. Mrs Oloa is an ardent supporter of the Christian Mothers Union. She enjoys having family around.

Dr Drabe Rabbin

Medical Doctor

Dr Drabe Rabbin is a medical doctor and in is his spare time he spends it in his farm. He joined Karin Community Initiatives Organisation to contribute his skills and knowledge in the medical and community development.

Dr Paul Odongo

Board Member

A medical doctor by profession who is very excited in contributing in community health practice. He spends most of his time in research.

Santos Labeja

Board Member
Mr Santos Labeja is a pastor and founder of Gideons’ Foundation, an organization that he set up after his son, Gideon who mysteriously disappeared and was later understood to have been was taken for sacrifice. He is a lecturer at the Cavendish University as he pursues his PHD in Peace and Confllict Management. Santos lives in Soroti with his wife and family.