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Our Journey to #fightNCDs

We live in the age of NCDs. NCDs or Non-Communicable Diseases, literally mean diseases one cannot catch from another person: cancer, heart disease, diabetes and mental illness, etc. This year KCIU is joining hands several with partners to fight NCDs. The Marathon and Medical this year will create awareness about the disease burden in this community and raise funds to purchase equipment for the health centers.

Meet Oryang Timothy our health worker week champion

Our 2019 theme is "Health Workers Are the Heart of Health For All". In this event we will focus on honoring the contributions of our health workers at our two health facilities in Unyama and Agonga villages in Gulu District. It's on this note that we present to you our Health Worker Week champion Mr. Oryang Antimo whose passion and zeal have been outstanding in our provision of healthcare to the community.

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