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Loan cows to 240 local farmers in Gulu Communities


Every household in Northern Uganda suffered the effects of the war through abduction, death, hunger, displacement, poverty, illness, etc. from the LRA’s heavy attacks on unarmed civilians. KCIU in Gulu, the first program in Northern Uganda to receive cows from Heifer International after the war, plans to expand the program to include more cows and add other agricultural activities to their work with the local community through two goals, to increased income and reduced child malnutrition.


The instability that affected the northern region of Uganda resulted in mass abductions, conscription and coercions of countless adults and children below the age of 18 years old into rebel ranks, destruction of homes, murders and general destruction of all socio-economic activities. These led to gross violations of the human rights especially of children and women in the region.


Most families subsist on limited agricultural activities. Despite more livestock in the area, dairy farmers are constrained by persistently low livestock numbers, low milk productivity, poor access to markets, limited entrepreneurial skills and a dire lack of opportunities for value-addition. There are unlimited opportunities to develop this sector and it represents a niche market for development including expansion into regional and international markets.

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The only farmers left farming today are the most efficient ones.


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Processing agricultural and dairy products become a priority for both the government and private sector, it represents a niche for market development. In addition to a positive health impact, processing milk has considerable economic dividends as processed milk product prices are 50 to 100% higher than raw milk prices. Furthermore, domestic and regional market opportunities are opening. While accessing these markets requires increasing households’ income whilst contributing to the local economy


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