Project Description

Providing Basic Quality healthcare


KCIU began services under a mango tree near Gulu in 2001, 5 years before the end of war. Children orphaned by the war and AIDS needed medical care. The 1st clinic opened in 2006, the 2nd in 2012, providing primary care, disease prevention/treatment, and maternal/child health care by trained staff. The need far surpasses capacity. This project adds infrastructure to serve more people: a maternity wing, improved sanitation, and outreach to 50,000 local people unable to travel to the clinics.


Maternal Mortality rates continue to be high in Gulu (561 per 100,000). Mother and child deaths occur because of delayed decision making, difficulties with communication or transportation problems plus reliance on traditional birth attendants who lack the training to address birth complications. Education to the villagers will reduce preventable diseases. The clinics need better and community members need education to learn how to make responsible health decisions.


The infusion of resources to the medical program will improve the day to day clinics operations plus enable the staff to conduct outreach. The maternity ward at Agonga will provide for safe deliveries. New supplies, equipment and technology we will reach greater numbers of people. We are most excited about the ability to travel to all local villages help empower local villages to resolve their own health issues, thereby increasing overall commitment to personal health care.

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Our health centres offer a comprehensive program focusing on addressing the major health issues that children and women face throughout their lives.

HOPE OKENY • EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Karin Community Initiatives Uganda

Annual Month of Giving

Karin’s medical services have already benefited the community significantly. These programs will increase their reach, improve their ability to provide much needed medical care and health information to vulnerable villagers. Northern Uganda was broken by the 30-year long war. Karin is on the front line, helping to rebuild the lives of the villagers and Northern Uganda in general.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.