Agape Christian School

Northern Uganda is faced with serious challenges including poverty,unemployment and low education attainment, a number of pupils drop out of school and there is acute shortage of quality nursery education in Uganda, especially in Northern Uganda. The lack of quality education has had a detrimental effect on society and its development. There is nonavailability of a good education even for families who can easily afford it.This is not exceptional to Palenga villages, where the school will be located, and surrounding areas, teaching aids and basic equipment available for educational tasks are minimal, even though parents and teachers alike agree that more adequate and creative teaching methods are needed in school to stimulate learning incentives therefore this project will contribute towards the development of education in these areas. The school is being built on more than two acres of land located in Omoro District, Northern Uganda, and 359 Km from Capital City Kampala.


We envision a world where all children have opportunities to develop their skills and talents and the chance to reach their full potential.
Our motto is “Imparting good education is the best community service”


Our mission is to improve the quality of life of deprived children in rural Northern Uganda though creative early childhood development programs that build their minds and spirits and empower the communities to change their lives for the better. At least 50% of the pupils from poor families will get tuition-free education. These pupils will not pay any fees.


The following are the main objectives of Agape Kindergarten school:

  • To build foundation of children rooted in christian values that shall address the needs of the society, to be a center of choice and engaging center of quality teaching and learning.
  • To offer scholarships that would enable bright young boys and girls from poor families acquire an education, hence giving them an opportunity to partake of a basic human right, and uplift themselves as well as their families from abject poverty.
  • To start a model school that provides affordable and quality education foundation that gives children in Northern Uganda a fighting chance in the stiff competition for space in Uganda╩╝sinstitutions of higher education.
  • To offer the children in Northern Uganda a good educational foundation, capable of preparing and giving them a competitive edge in the local and global job market.