Complete Blood Cell Counting Machine A laboratory machine that will tell us the number of different types of blood cells that a patient has in their blood. The number of each type can help us know if an infection is viral, bacterial or from a parasite. This machine will allow us to diagnose bacterial infections in which white blood cells rise and differentiate them from viral infections in which they dont. Very practical as it will cut costs for patients who dont need antibiotics and allow us to treat them properly. It will also decrease antibiotic resistance in the community allowing us to more effectively treat infections. At this time we are only guessing at what medications should be given with no diagnisis to confirm.
Haemocue Machine for Hemoglobin estimation A laboratory machine that allows us to tell how much hemoglobin (iron carrying protein) is in the blood of the patient. We would offer this test to pregnant mothers in antenatal visits. It will allow us to diagnose anemia or ‘weak blood’ so that we can treat the mother with iron and prepare her for inevitable blood loss during delivery. This is a basic requirement for all mothers before labour and during antenatal care. Although the CBC machine would also calculate this data, the price is 16000 shilling for a CBC and only 4000 shillings for a Hemoglobin estimation only. This one will be much more affordable to our patients.
Calorimeter a machine that measures urea, creatinine and total protein, albumin and blood glucose and liver enzymes This machine will tell us the liver and kidney function of the patient This is not feasible to buy unless we also buy an automatic pipette as it cannot be used without one.
Reagent Refridgerator Solar Powered Fridge to keep reagents cool for preservation purposes Right now we share a fridge with the vaccines but they both require different temperatures which makes monitoring hard to do. And the lab reagents are being kept far from the technician. We lose money due to our reagents not being properly stored. Becoming Non viable and giving wrong test results, or being thrown out.
Chemistry Analizer A machine that measures liver and renal function tests This machine will allow us to diagnose liver diseases, and treat bilirubin babies for jaundice This will provide some income for the clinic when we can treat these babies for jaundice
Automatic Pipette We cannot use the calorimeter without an automatic pipette This machine will help us to accurately measure the blood for many tests and is non disposable so we can reuse and clean it It is not feasible to buy a calorimeter if we also don’t buy this machine with it
Laboratory work bench Worktops For carrying Laboratory work $1,500
Staff Quarters Staff housing Staff need to stay close to the healthfacilities, incaseof emergencies e.t.c $60,000
Medical equipment & Furniture Our new maternity program will bring many mothers and our midwives will be busy. We need enough sets to have a few deliveries running at once. These kits are required from the voucher plus program when we became busy with deliveries. $54,695
Instrument sets It’s needed for emergency protection of the lungs from filling with fluid in both babies and adults. $24,954
Sleuce Drain A drain to get rid of the infected waste after a delivery. It will be more sanitary than dragging the water with blood across the hallway to remove it It is not sanitary the way we do it now and we need to have a drain in the delivery room to remove the waste water.
Placenta Pit The placenta pit is very critical in waste management. The incinerator enables us to destroy dangerous and toxic items, that can easily be found in the villages where children can come into contact with them. $4,200
Patient’s Toilets/pit latrines The current toilets need to be expanded to accommodate the rising patient numbers. $1,950
Floor works- Terrazo The floor works needs to be safe from accidents from our clients. The floor needs to be clean and safe from falls and accidents. $8,650
Painting Clinic (Debt) The health centre needs to be painted for it to look clean. A clean environment also builds the confidence of our clients, and enables other rates our clinics higher for quality services $1,592
Water System/Plumbing (Maternity included) Currently we rely on rain water and well water. Both are not safe for drinking. The health center needs water for cleaning the facilities, patient use, cooking and drinking for patients. $5,538
Reception Area (Connecting the maternity) $6,924
Motorcycle x1 the ability to move from one destination to another for reasons including deliveries, transporting medical workers or even medicine, reading out to the sick in the community or even transport to villages for outreaches services $1,268
Fencing The health center needs to be kept safe from intruders and stray animals. In the recent past months we have seen a wave of thefts in the area. The generator was stolen. $11,200
Oxygen Cylinder this is a refillable tank that we may use to provide oxygen to our emergency patients. it will be given to patients in trauma or with low oxygen and sent with them for stabilizing them during referal and returned to us. The price of this may be high but it is very needed for our patients to be stabilized
Baby Weigh Scale (2) A scale to determine birth weight of newborns and monitor growth curve Our scale is faulty and giving incorrect results. Our maternity program will bring many deliveries and we will need to be weighing many babies. It is a required need to have an accurate birthweight on all babies and perform continued growth assessments in early life.
Baby Ressuss station matress a small firm matress to put newborns on if they need immediate resuscitation such as cpr or oxygen administration. It is necessary to have a proper place to offer immediate essential life support to newborns.
it’s needed
Bilirubin lamp A lamp to treat babies who are jaundice when their bilirubin levels are high it is necessary to treat babies before they become very ill with jaundice and with a liver function machine we can track iur progress. We should not buy without a calorimeter or chemistry analyser as we need to be able to also measure babies bilirubin levels to track the treatment
Baby warming lamp A heating lamp for the baby to lay under during assessment and mother care to ensure that their sensitive body temperature doesn’t drop too low. To protect the initial temperature of the newborn after birth during care. It is a nice thing to have but the research has shown that temperature regulation can be achieved through skin to skin contact with the mother as long as both mom and baby are healthy.
Portable Suction Machine A suction machine to clear fluids from babies or trauma patients mouths when there is risk of it going into the lungs It is needed for emergency protection of the lungs from filling with fluid in both babies and adults
D and C set A kit with sterile tools to allow us to clean the uterus from incomplete abortions or retained placenta Women will easily bleed to death if there is no way to clean out the uterine contents after incomplete abortions or if placenta becomes retained after birth.
Computers (6) one for each department (Maternity, Clinician Room, Laboratory, Registration, Stock Room Computers with a patient data system for keeping the patient information and history It would allow the clinician to look back at patient history and communicate patient prescription lab tests and treatment to the rest of the clinic It is nice to have but we should start maybe with two or three to communicate between clinicians. We also would need the staff trained on computers which they are doing now. Estimates in USD
Digital BP Machine (4) one for each area a faster way to calculate blood pressure It would be time saving for clinicians These can be expensive and are less accurate than a manual BP cuff. They also may be hard to have repaired if broken. There is also no power in the facility at this time to charge them
Oxygen cylinder This is a refillable tank that we may use to provide oxygen to our emergency patients. It will be given to patients in trauma or with low oxygen and sent with them for stabilizing them during referal and returned to us. The price of this may be high but it is very needed for our patients to be stabilized. Should have one on maternity side and one on opd side
Adult weigh scales (3) This is to measure opd clients. One in maternity wing for antenatal It will allow us to accurately measure and track malnutrition We don’t have a functional scale now
Tv for educational purposes To allow for patients to watch some educational videos and learn about what is happening in the world. Entertain clients while they are waiting for care
Delivery Kits (5) A required package with sterile drapes, scissors, cords clamps, kidney dishes) needed to conduct deliveries Our new maternity program will bring many mothers and our midwives will be busy, we need enough sets to have a few deliveries running at once and give time to resterilize the Kits for reuse. These kits are required from the voucher Plus program when we become busy with deliveries
Solar Fridge (for vaccines) We are currently storing both vaccines and reagents in thesame fridge. This is not acceptable by the medical standards $2,800
Wifi modem for staff to send reports and communication and access medical guidelines online To allow for better communication and decrease transport costs to town and save time for in charges
Notice board/cork board To allow for better group communication
Neck collars two sizes/adjustable To protect any patients who were in trauma from spinal injury When you have broken your neck or spine, it can paralyze you and cause long term damage to move around. this collar stabilizes the neck so it cannot cause damage Can be expensive but is necessary
Infant ambu bag A Mask and bag for giving air and helping babies breathe if they are not healthy when they are born
Bed Nets For the prevention of malaria
Antenatal wheel a plastic wheel that we use to determine a womens expected date of delivery It makes calculating date of delivery easy and fast It is nice to have but not absolutely necessary as there is also a manual way to determine this date and a formula.