The Ambulance Emergency Care Provider Training for COVID-19 Response

The Association of Ambulance Professionals Uganda (AAPU), in Partnership with Malteser International organised a Two Day training to equip Karin Healthcare staff with skills and knowledge in handling emergency cases, like Trauma due to accidents, stroke or COVID-19 cases...

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KCIU in partnership with Dot Glasses helping visually impaired Ugandans.

When I discovered that I needed a pair of glasses, I was shocked by the $180 price tag. “If I had trouble with that price,” said Hope, the director of KCIU, “then definitely the local communities will have trouble with the price of glasses...

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More than an outreach: a commitment to the community!

Last month, students from Taylor University, Indiana, USA, joined us during the outreach work in the community. For us it is always a blessing when we receive visitors. We see this as a great opportunity for the Body of Christ to work together in meeting the needs of our very diverse community...

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National Measles-Rubella Immunisation campaign.

This week will be full of tears, fears and screams as we partner with Ministry of Health Uganda in the Nation wide campaign against Measles Rubella Immunization campaign. And Karin Community Initiatives Uganda is a proud partner in this exercise. All children 9 months to 15 years are getting immunized...

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karin 2nd Annual Marathon – Leader of Opposition calls for more community health awareness

The second edition of Karin's Annual Marathon has ended in high spirits. Runners and organisations in Gulu, Uganda come together to help raise awareness and funds for great causes. This year we were fighting against the growing rates of NCDs in the district.

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