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A brighter future for Juma

I met up with Juma and he told me that he loves animals especially cows. He also told me that he dreams of becoming a farmer and an Engineer someday when he grows up, but his mother can’t afford to send him to school.

It’s every mother’s dream to give her children better opportunities including education. Juma lives with his single mother at a farm in Gulu where Karin operates a chicken and diary farm. She is able to feed her family by doing available manual labor jobs at the farm.

For Juma having his education suddenly halted after the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation has been worsened. Juma’s sponsors unfortunately could not continue to support his school education. Like many families in Northern Uganda, Juma’s mother lives from hand to mouth. He no longer goes to school.

As many children in Uganda reported back to school to begin their first term in early February, it’s unfortunate that thousands of children like Juma in Northern Uganda did not have the same opportunity.

An important aspect of the work that KCIU does in the community is that we empower families like Juma’s to access healthcare and education. Through scholarships from generous sponsors, children like Juma have an opportunity to enroll at the Agape Christian School and attain quality education to achieve their dreams.

We are again responding to this immediate need, in distress. Children like Juma who receive school fees sponsorships can have their lives turned around in ways you can’t imagine. If you are able to respond to this call with a gift, it’d mean so much to the women and children who are toiling daily, with nowhere to turn.

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