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Setting up Health Management Units

We are excited to inform you that, earlier this month, we established health unit management committees (HUMC) for our two health facilities (Unyama and Agonga) in Gulu.

Health Unit Management Committees are key governance structures. The Committees promote participation and ownership of health services by the community, advocate for improved quality of service delivery, and promote transparency in the management of human, material, and resources.

The establishment of the Committees is in pursuit of one of the policy objectives of the Second National Health Policy which is to ensure that communities are empowered to play their role, take responsibility for their health, and ensure that they actively participate in the design, planning, and management of health services. These guidelines outline the composition, roles, responsibilities, and management of the proceedings of the Health Unit Management Committees for Health Centres in Uganda.

We welcome our new leaders and we pray that they keep energized to render their services for the betterment of our community

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