According to the world health Organisation, about 50% of children 1 year old in developing countries die during the 1st month of life, and 97% of all infant deaths occur in developing countries. Major factors contributing to these deaths are the mother’s poor health before and during pregnancy, unhygienic childbirth practices, and inadequate care after delivery. Low birth weight, linked to mother’s health, is considerably related to survival and development and growth. 500,000 women in developing countries die annually due to pregnancy and childbirth. Maternal mortality risk in the poorest countries can be 200 times that of developed countries. Inappropriate timing and spacing, too many pregnancies, insufficient prenatal care and care during delivery contribute to high maternal mortality in developing countries.

At KCIU, we have ensured that mothers get best healthcare before and after delivery. We rejoice when these children grow up and are healthy. That’s why we have extended our nutrition programs to village outreaches in our community. A healthy community is a wealthy community.

To be part of our great work in our community outreach