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Meeting the Dream Events team #karinmarathon2018

Our first annual charity run is in high gear now. Derrick (Extreme right) a KCIU staff who is championing ticket sales poses for a photo with the Dream Events team after delivering their marathon kits. Tickets are going for 10,000 - students and 25,000 - others. KCIU is excited to have more and more partners

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Community Health talk shows

KCIU Executive Director Madam Hope Okeny (right) appearing on Radio Maria Gulu to address the community on health issues. This is one of the series of radio talk shows where KCIU is actively disseminating health information in matters of child nutrition, maternity or family planning. Our medical camps are

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Extending health services to the Acholi cultural festival

Hundreds of people from Acholi sub-region and beyond turned up at Kaunda grounds to commemorate the Acholi Cultural Festival, the first of its kind. #Karincommunity used this opportunity to extend the vital health care services to the community. Many received free checkups and our ambulance

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Karin Medical camps 26-30th November 2018

Our medical camps are progressing well in Gulu community. Yesterday 28/11/12 at Lalia Market we witnessed a tremendous turn of patients and a day before, we were overwhelmed at Unyama Market. All received the necessary checkups, treatment and drugs at a free cost! Today we shall be at Gulu central market and we encourage everyone to turn up. Ticket sales for our first annual marathon are also still going on. Purchase one today at 10,000 (Students) and 25,000 (non students) and help save mothers by equipping the new maternity ward in Unyama health facility in Gulu.

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Spreading love through music and dance

Music is a powerful means of communication. It provides a means by which people can share emotions, intentions, and meanings even though their spoken languages may be mutually incomprehensible. In the pictures, the former child soldiers in Gulu are performing a traditional (Larakaraka) to Norwegian students and volunteers. The traditional dances done by former child soldiers communicate numerous messages of loving one another, the beauty of an Acholi woman, duties of girls and boys, funerals and above all their life after the "bush"(LRA war). Such group gatherings also serve as an opportunity where community members can comfort each other, avoid being idle, learn skills as a group like dancing and most importantly getting friends. For instance, there are some members in the community who up to now haven't located their relatives after the LRA war and have now found new family & friends in the dance group.

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Community Health Insurance Changing lives in Gulu!

In any community, people become ill and require access to health care facilities and treatment. Regardless of the nature of the health issue, the health outcomes depend to a large degree on individuals’ ability to access health care services.

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Karin health worker sensitizing mothers on immunization

Did you know that between Jan & Sep 2017 the immunization coverage was at 44% (7/16) in Northern? This means that many children go without being vaccinated against the killer diseases. Karin Community Initiatives is providing hope to the unprivileged children by sensitizing mothers and having all the vaccines

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Reaching out to the community

In the picture, Gahizi - a health worker at Karin screens a patient in one of our Community Outreach programs. Over and over again, Karin continues to extend healthcare services to the vulnerable communities in Gulu. We affirm our vision of a better future for all people in assisted communities with access to quality medical care, improved incomes and presentation of God as a caring and loving being who calls all people to a new life in his love and salvation.

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