Dairy production plays an important economic and nutritional role in the lives of many people in Uganda, in particular our Gulu community. However, rearing livestock has traditionally been expensive as livestock such as cows are expensive to purchase, take a lot of space and suck up a lot of money for feed and maintenance, leaving poor farmers to rarely see a significant return on investment in these animals, let alone compete with larger livestock producers in the country.

The good news is that Karin Community Initiatives Uganda in partnership with WAPA international has addressed this challenge by providing good quality cows to local farmer groups in Gulu. In the picture, KCIU ED together with Mr. John Bosco .L. (Board member) are handing over cows to local farmer groups in Gulu. These small-scale farmers will also continue to be trained in modern and improved farming methods like hay making to increase productivity of the animals so as not to miss out on the prospects of increasing their incomes from diary production.

However, due to limited resources many challenges have come our way but with partners like you, we believe many farmer groups will be empowered. With $250, you will facilitate a specialized health or skill building workshop for a self help group, $240 buys a cutting machine for a farmer group to prepare feeds for animals, $150 builds one energy saving stove to start a bakery and $50 will sponsor a startup loan for a farmer/small entrepreneur to pursue a new venture.