In the continued efforts to strengthen the ongoing exchange program between Karin Community Initiatives Uganda, Strive foundation (Rwanda) and Sabuj Sangha (India) that is in partnership with Fredskorpeset Norway, the organizations are currently holding a midterm review workshop in Gulu – Uganda to evaluate the program participants.

The review workshop that was attended by KCIU, Sabuj Sangha and Strive Foundation officials was a step in the right direction in planning the future of the program as well as review what has been happening for the past six months during the current exchange which kicked off in April of this year. Present also, were the current participants of the program who had a chance of sharing their experience.

Current participants had a chance of recapping the outcomes of their exchange program for the past six months. Also, the exchange fellows expounded on some of the activities they are currently undertaking, their achievements and their future plans as they get into the second half of the program.