Our core mission encompasses holistic transformation, including social and economic aspects. We firmly believe that improving health goes hand in hand with promoting social and economic well-being.

Mission Tourism

At KCIU, we embrace the concept of mission tourism as a transformative experience. Join us on a unique journey where you can witness the healing power of Christ in action. As a mission tourist, you will have the opportunity to contribute to our healthcare initiatives while immersing yourself in the local culture, building relationships, and sharing God’s love. Together, we can make a tangible impact on lives, fostering hope, compassion, and spiritual growth, all while leaving a lasting footprint of healing and transformation in the communities we serve.

Barjubi Farm

Barjubi Farm is an innovative project that combines healthcare and sustainable farming practices. Through this endeavor, we aim to address both physical and economic well-being. By implementing cow barn models, we not only promote animal husbandry but also empower communities with a stable source of income and nutritious dairy products. This integrated approach nurtures health while uplifting lives, fostering self-sufficiency, and spreading God’s love. Join us as we cultivate hope, transform communities, and create a brighter future, rooted in the principles of faith and compassion.

Ayak Village Fund

The Ayak Village Fund focused on cerebrating the rich heritage of Acholi sub region and fosters community empowerment. Through vibrant traditional dances and performances, we honor cultural diversity while promoting physical and mental well-being. By supporting the Ayak Village Group, we uplift local artisans, provide economic opportunities, and preserve cultural traditions. Together, we bridge healthcare and cultural enrichment, embracing the transformative power of unity, art, and God’s love to inspire healing and holistic development in the lives of individuals and the community.