The occasional staff retreat that was scheduled on 19-Jan-2019 became a memorable day for us here at Karin Community Initiatives Uganda. KCIU staff had an opportunity to build connections, communicate numerous ideas that they found most important, and boost morale among themselves.

Different staff members took the opportunity to show other team members how their work contributes to the overall objectives and core values that the organization has in place. The Executive Director outlined the organization plan for the future by clearly communicating KCIU vision, goals, and expectations.

There was a multitude of different activities and exercises that lead to interesting insights. The fun games encouraged team building. Shiv and Derrick engaged the team in brainstorming and SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis. All this produced useful information for the future.

Getting to know colleagues on a personal level is invaluable. Building upon these relationships off-site will lead to stronger teamwork once staff get back to their different duty stations. After this staff retreat, one would be correct to say that Karin community initiatives Uganda staff are no longer labeled as team members but have become one family.


Fun games