At exactly 3Am, Akello got complications during her delivery. The nurse on duty referred her to a referral hospital to be attended to by a specialist. Our 24hour ambulance which was on standby was able to help in the transportation of the mother and aiding nurse. On her way to the hospital, Akello finally managed to deliver her baby. However, her baby boy had difficulty in breathing and since the ambulance was well equipped with an oxygen cylinder, the baby’s life was saved.

With the International Women’s Day around the corner, this is the best opportunity to honor these resilient mothers as they bring life to this world despite the hardships. Below are some ways you can help a mother in our community to attain save delivery and save lives.

$450 will provide emergency care for expectant mothers, $250 will contribute to the construction of a new maternity wing and $10 will allow a complete vaccination of one child below 1 year.